The Aria Wedding Chapel

Aria at City Center Las Vegas, Nevada

Completion Date: 2013    Role: Principal Designer
Overview: Highly bespoke wedding chapel, luxury green rooms, reception parlor and sales salon.

"I want you to be mine forever... now…at The Wedding Chapel," he said. She agreed and served her friends Dom in the glamorous women’s green room while the professional makeup artist was finishing the blush. He served his friends Macallan 18yo in the handsome men’s green room while shooting pool on the competition table. Helps with the jitters, but why wait? Within minutes, with witnesses, he made her his—great unexpected things happen in Las Vegas.

In keeping with Aria and City Center as a global landmark of contemporary taste and style, Dayna Lee, Ted Berner with their Powerstrip Studio design team and the Architect, Gensler, collaborated to achieve a striking and inviting space for every bride and groom to create their experience of a lifetime. Berner and Lee were inspired by Cartier amethyst rings, infinity, glamourous architectural detailing, raw gems, and Christian LaCroix blooms.